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She's a lovely girl - a little strange, yes...

V.23 - Sweet like candy

5 July 1985
..., ... jb-in-rms-bed, 6b7-pack, aim is laim, anorexia with tom, battling jb, beating jb at battle, bert klopek, biz-n-bex, blondecholas, boy shoulders, boys not in makeup, buckingham waxes, bulletproof teddy, can you feel me, cat tranqs, causing mccontroversy, daa-aa-aaamn, dancing, desmond hunkaburninlove hume, desmond's shark emporium, dirty bitches, doing battle with harrehpotteh, dorkiness, dougie's hot rod, drunk dry humppehs, effing munchkinland's coroner, everybody dance bitch, fatty leto, fighting the plebes, fights with daniel radcliffe, fixing omlettes for steve, forgetting about the hood, future mccrackaddicts, get the eff out, haloing your ass, humanized danneh, island army-of-doom, james and edie, jb-in-mjs-bed, jbs boyish charm, jbs carebear stare, jbs childlike smile, jbs neck flap, jonah and julian, jpedo, keeping fingers in jars, making rum water, margarita backpacks, mc-bathing-suit-area, michele the brain stealer, mocking people, mouth-breathers, my michael j's, my-two-dads of dork, myself, nadine's knife, nick lachey negligee, not being harry judd, notafinga, nutella, otto klopek, pehnice, planning danny jones' death, roofies, scented bath oils, shopping for floral prints, spazzing, the incredible theo, vegan hotpockets, zee doll boy